Milk’s Birthday

Greetings Milk and Coffee fans around the globe. Coffee here, it’s nice to be back on WordPress to connect with you all. Hope everyone is doing fine.

So as we announced in our previous posts, we are officially engaged. Emotions are all over the place. For the last 3 months we have been planning our wedding with my aunts. so far the process has been good.

Recently we celebrated Milk’s 33rd Birthday at the prestigious Fort Young Hotel. If you’ve read our past blogs, you’ll know we love this place. We waited a few minutes for the room to be available to us. We got served with rum punch while we waited and took a few pictures. Once we got the room , it was already 4pm but the room was splendid. They decorated the bed with petals as well. I would say it was the best room we ever got.

After we chilled and admired the room, i went to buy a box of pizza for our supper. When it was about 7pm we left the hotel to hang out with our friends. We talked, laughed and ate some food while the night slowly covered the city. Soon it was time to say goodbye and go back to the hotel.

Usually we are excited about going into the pool but we decided to save it for tomorrow. We spent the rest of the night eating pizza and watching Netflix. The bed was super comfy and the AC was just right. You could also hear the waves crashing outside. The ambience was perfect for any couple.

We fell asleep like babies. The time raced away and we were awakened by the sunlight piercing through the windows. Milk made us some coffee and we ate the fruits we bought for the stay. The Hotel was providing us with breakfast at 10am. We used the time before to spend some time in the pool. This time we went in the Jacuzzi because it was just. I could have stayed in it whole day but time was against us and we had to go for breakfast. We went to the restaurant section and got served a delicious Dominican breakfast. For once i ate all my breakfast. We appreciated the great customer service. We wish our stay could have been longer but it was time to pack up and leave.

Written by Coffee: Owen Vidal


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