Merry Christmas everybody

Greetings from Milk and Coffee,

Hope everyone is doing ok 😊 and enjoying the holidays.Milk here sending you love, comfort and cheer for the holidays.

So it’s boxing day here in the Caribbean and it’s an official holiday and I don’t get back to work till Wednesday.

This year Coffee spent Christmas with me and it was great. We went to the movies Friday night to watch that new Whitney Houston biopic movie I wanna dance with somebody,which was epic ,there was only three of us in the theaters,Coffee and I along with another enthusiastic Whitney fan but I loved every moment of it.

From there we headed home and had a weekend of activities planned.The Saturday we we went to town early had breakfast at a quaint restaurant from there we went a little out of a town to visit a mega store we’d never been to.Coffee ended up falling in love with the place and was picking up items like crazy till I stepped in and told him put somethings back.

After much browsing we headed back to town where we shopped and window shopped some more and then went for lunch at this french restaurant on the bayfront. The ambience was tres magnificent and we stayed there a little before we moved again as the day began setting.

We went to the market bought more stuff then headed back to the bay front where we took more pictures.A stranger approached Coffee and asked him to remove pictures for him. At the end of the picture taking I swear they were now best friends. I don’t know if Coffee knows how I admire how well he gets along with people and he’s more of a people’s person than I am,though I’m more adventurous than he is.

The day was closing and the kids starting crowding the streets,the lights at the Santa’s Mall were lit and beautiful.My sister soon joined us and we took some pics ,bought some ice cream and chilled till it was time to head home.

As per tradition,we stayed up on Christmas eve watching movies and eating Cookies and milk lol. We went to bed about 1pm while the neighbors seemed to be having a sewenal carnival outside, beating drums and singing carols.

The next day was Christmas I woke up early and I had a brunch planned.We had ham slices,salad,fried plantains,cacoa tea,stuffed eggs and bake beans. After such a huge breakfast we retired back to bed where we went back to sleep,I for one was so exhausted. We decided to get up at 2pm to start prepping for our annual dinner event. Everyone has to prepare a dish to bring.I was making bake Mac and cheese, Coffee was making potato pie and my sis was making stew beef and fig pie and my other sister and her husband was bringing some other things.Dinner started at 7pm and waw look food. We ate,drank,laughed and watched movies on the couch the couch after.

I usually play my game of charades at that point and get the giggles going but I was just so full that I couldn’t move,Lord I think I had committed gluttony smh .When the movie was done we cleaned up and my sister and her husband left and the rest of us went to bed.

The next day Coffee had to work so I parked him a plate,made him some chocolate tea etc and he left. I couldn’t believe the weekend was over,the long anticipated Christmas had come and gone.But it was lovely,I enjoyed it so much especially alongside my love and fiance Coffee.

Till next time ,take care 😘 and Happy New Year!

Written by Milk


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