It’s getting closer

Hey loves from around the globe! Milk here,hope this posts meets you well. I decided to come quickly on here just to fill you guys in on how we’ve been and what we’ve been up to since our last BIG announcement waw! It still feels surreal honestly..

It has been a wild yet interesting ride as of late with all the planning and organizing omg If Coffee has to tell you guys how I wish we had just eloped or run away overseas and do a small wedding he would admit it’s very often. Weddings are a lot of work ,and though we have two wedding planners and help from family it still feels oh so overwhelming because even if its not directly in your reins you still have to give guidance and ideas and hope it all turns out great. Then just when I feel too stressed I’m reminded that it’s just one day and all the details I am now stressing over is gonna be forgotten in the future and the focus should be on the marriage not just the day.

Coffee and I have started marriage counseling and its good thus far,I am happy we decided to do it as it helps us prepare mentally for what we are going into. So far our planning is good and we are getting stuff every month,pinterest and shopping sites are my best friends right now lol.

Please feel free to drop any marriage/wedding advice in the comment section that you deem useful ,it would mean so much to us!

Until next time

Ta da lovies

From Milk


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