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Hey guys Milk here and in this episode of the love story of Coffee and Milk,I will tell of how our love for poetry and writing on a whole connected us further.

So in getting to know each other I told Coffee of my passion for writing and the fact that I have actually written a poetry book called The Greater You,a short poetry book I wrote back in 2015. He proceeds to tell me that he also writes poems and loves writing,this information impressed me as I always love discussing my passion for writing. In the back and fourth of the topic he told me that he had written a poem a while back for church and that he would bring it so that I could have a look at it. I also told him that I’d bring my book so he could read and also purchase.

A few days after he brought the poem to me and it spoke about a caterpillar who under went the changes to become a butterfly but in the process the butterfly always compared himself to others and was never satisfied, I found the morale of the story/poem appealing and saw his great use of metaphors that left me intrigued and made me recognized his talent. I immediately told him I wanted to post the poem on my blog page,as a blogger I also posted other talented writer’s work. I also sold my book to him and encouraged him to give me his feedback and his idea of the book.

In posting his poem he told me to give it a title as he never gave the poem one,he said Titles were usually the last thing he did. After posting the poem,I found it suiting to call it Tales of a disgruntled butterfly,he loved it as well.

We continued talking via phone and he informed me that he would be off on Thursdays for the month of September. He also casually asked me out for a drink after work on one of those Thursdays he was off. I accepted and we agreed to meet at a local bar in town for a drink and discussion of my book.

The day came and I was a few minutes late, I was late but he was there waiting on me. He ordered us Cherry smoothies and as we sat he shyly removed the mint he had from his mouth before drinking. The conversation proceeded and I soon realized he was quirky like me myself and I found it sweet. We spoke about family,my book and my interest in the spiritual realm,meditation and crystals. I was wearing my white quartz necklace that day that sparked his interest and he asked me what it meant. My views on spiritualism did not scare him off though as he told me he also was some what spiritual.

The more we spoke the more comfortable I felt to be myself and speak my mind, he gave off this non judgemental vibe that made me feel so.

The day was coming to a close and we spoke about our hiking group’s event on Canyoning on August 17th,something we were both new to. He then walked me to my bus stop and he left me with feelings of wanting to know him more.

Written by Milk

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  1. Mbandu says:

    This is actually great😍 milk and coffee❤️❤️ I loved it


    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thanks much appreciated..one love..stay tuned for more of our stories.


      1. Mbandu says:

        Can’t wait


  2. Fabulous post… marvelous blog!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. milkencoffee says:

      Thank you..stay tuned for more of our adventures.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re both sincerely welcome… looking forward to reading them!

        Liked by 1 person

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