Thank you from Milk and Coffee

Greetings followers, coffee here. Milk and i would like to say a big thank you for following our blog and keeping up with our stories. We’ve now reached ten posts on our blog and our previous will serve as our season 1 finale. We hope you enjoyed reading our early stories in our relationship and it is only the beginning. Feel free to interact with us by commenting and feel free to share our blog. We hope to grow our audience as big as possible.

Milk and i have been together for four months but it feels like four years. Our bond really feels like magic, it really feels like we were meant to be. The idea for this blog was actually her idea and it’s proving to be successful in the future. Reminiscing on our relationship and writing about it is making us fall for each other even more. Sparks are flying everywhere and we ‘re living a fairy tale right now. Both of us are feeling positive about our bond and where it is heading. Spreading that good vibe and positive energy with the world is definitely worth it.

Soon our blog we will be up to date with our present life, and things are looking interesting. So stay tuned followers, season 2 will be colossal. That’s where things really take off, so hold on to your seats as the chronicles of milk and coffee continue.

Thank you once again!!!!

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