Stirring it up

Hey guys Milk here,

A huge shout out to all our new followers,readers,those who comment and like our blogs thank you guys so much!Hope you guys are doing great and had a wonderful weekend! Talking about the weekend, Coffee and I had an amazing weekend.

He spent this weekend at my place and it was nothing short of amazing.It stood out because it was his first time spending three nights over. So we planned to collaborate on a writing project and so the weekend was set aside just for that. Moreover the 13th which was the Monday happened to be our 5 month anniversary and the Friday before was a full moon,the Wolf moon to be exact.So we also decided to celebrate for the whole weekend.

That week rained cats and dogs and the weekend was no different,it was cold and the showers were steady and made the outsides dark and prevented us from going outside.Such weather made Coffee’s arms so welcoming and appreciated as he held me close and kissed my cheeks a moment that lead to many nights of love making.

The Saturday we woke up late from nocturnal activities and promised we would hasty our chores as to begin our writing project. Our chores included cooking together,I challenged Coffee to cook something edible in the kitchen as the kitchen is not really his friend. We decided to make chicken and rice a dish we refer to as Paleau in our country.I guided him and helped him prepare it,Coffee seemed so excited as he kept dancing around in the kitchen and making me laugh. We enjoyed the moment as we cooked,(me more than him lol) listened to 80’s music my personal favorite and love songs. The meal turned out good and he said he’d do it alone next time.

The afternoon we rested and we woke up an hour later as we worked on our writing project.Night came and we made pop corn,curled beneath the covers and watched a horror film as the rain poured on the outside.The moon was out again and through my bedroom window it beamed through causing an awakening to our inner wolves as we began to prey. That night we made love beneath the glistening moon a moment so magical and was a first experience to us both.

The Sunday we went to church and was a glorious day,it was a contrast to Coffee’s usual mass but he enjoyed it all the same,even dancing and singing along.I laughed so much and was greatful that he embraced the service with an open mind and he wasn’t stiff and judgmental. The Sunday evening we made more pop corn and watched more movies,I swear we were as bears just indoors hibernating for the entire weekend but I wouldn’t want it any other way,being near my love cuddling was a fantasy come true.

The world is cold but Coffee and Milk never lose their heat especially on a cold rainy weekend.

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