Room 202

So there we are on the balcony of our hotel room, chilling and sipping champagne. Getting comfortable with room 202 which seems to have us hooked on it’s comfort. This was the type of stay-cation we needed and deserved as Covid 19 tried to tear down our spirits. What a first year of togetherness we thought as we raised our glasses and honored our bond. Cheers to Milk and Coffee.

Time slowly caught up on the relaxation and it was time to freshen up for some entertainment the hotel organized. I was the first to test out the shower, but wasn’t familiar with how it worked so i used the tub instead. After my bath i told Milk about it and she couldn’t figure it out as yet. So she had her bath in the tub and enjoyed it more than me. We got dressed and was ready for some entertainment. Milk wore this beautiful blue dress and it complimented her very well. I wore a blue vest , a khaki pants and blue sneakers to blend in. I must say blue looks good on us. We left our room in grand style. and we found a table and was just in time for some music from a local artist. Milk ordered some ribs with fries and salad. Earlier i ate some of my leftover Chinese food so i didn’t want to eat too much.

Quite a few people showed up to light up the spot. For over an hour we enjoyed good music from the performer as he did great covers of different songs. The music soothed our souls and we appreciated the ambiance. Eventually we decided to head back and chill in the pool. Once we got there we realized we had the pool to ourselves and the night was still young. Chilling in the Jacuzzi was one of the most highly anticipated moments we talked about, and with high expectations comes disappointments. I was so excited i didn’t waste time to enter and to my surprise It was so hot i just couldn’t stay in it at all. It was a huge let down and you know what else was shocking ?

I had our Magnetic room keys in my swimming shorts the whole time. It was like getting two slaps in the face in one second. I quickly rushed back to the front desk to get them reactivated and got back to the pool to my lover. All thoughts of panic erased as Milk and i had our fairy-tale and movie like moments in the pool. When the stars lifted our emotions we went back to our room to entertain each other. We started things out by reading each other poems about being together for one year. Milk wrote me the most touching poem, it just melted my heart. She seemed to enjoy mine as well and our happiness made the night even more special. After reading the poems we decided to spice things up with a dice game. We assigned different things to the numbers and whatever number we rolled we had to do it. Milk even had to say an intimate 4 line poem for me haha. It was so much fun and was the highlight of the day.

After all the fun and games i had one last surprise for her. I hid 2 phones in the room and she had to find them and pick one. Milk found them quickly and chose one. She was so happy and grateful and couldn’t wait to test it out. She needed a new phone and got an early Birthday gift. We were having the perfect night in Room 202 and all my excitement made sure we went to bed earlier than expected.

To Be Continued…..

Written By: Coffee


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