A Splendid Christmas

The Christmas weekend was fantastic and memorable for us. A weekend filled with laughter, joy , music, dedication, and not to mention full bellies. Most of boxing day was dedicated to cooking for a family dinner later in the evening, what a task it was preparing the turkey, everything else though was to done in the niche of time.

Potato pie, fig pie and lasagna were among the food we prepared. After all the hard work was done we were proud of our effort. Milk’s sister and her husband were coming over to join us so we got ourselves ready and before we knew it they arrived and brought more food for the dinner as well. We said a prayer, shared our food and began to full our bellies. Some of us including myself couldn’t finish the plate .

I’m positive that in the last 2 days I ate the most food in that time frame for the year. We all enjoyed and proceeded to take pictures participate in a game Milk organized for us. I was super excited for it because Milk was hyping it up for a while. So it turned out to be a game of charades where one person would act out a movie and their partner would guess it. I was paired with Milk’s sister and her husband was paired with her other sister. It was hilarious and fun and it really got us going. Prizes were won and the household was lit. After the game we played some dominoes and our fun night faded away but was well spent. What a weekend it was and i was more than happy to be apart of it.

Written by: Coffee


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