Pouring out our hearts..

Greetings fellow writers, it’s your boy Coffee here.

Hope 2020 blasted off into outer space for everyone because right now my mind is on another planet metaphorically speaking. I guess you can say i’m drunk in love. On our previous post my girlfriend (Milk) summarized what went down at her place. It was my first visit to her place for the year and i spent 3 days. As you know there are 2 sides to every story, 2 sides of the same coin. I had so much of a good time, everything was fast pace and i can’t remember much. So your boy Coffee is going to tell this story in reverse chronology. Let’s put all the pieces together from the end to the beginning. So i’m retracing my steps, i’m back at Milk’s house.

ACT 2 SCENE 3: So it’s Monday January 13th 1:30 pm. After a shower i dressed and i was ready to leave for work. Milk already left, she works the morning shift. I packed all my stuff and gave Milk’s dad a big hug. He told me i’m welcomed here anytime. I didn’t want to leave, really wish i could stay longer. I left my second home to catch a bus dwelling on a incredible weekend with my girlfriend. My soul was on fire, my mind somewhere higher and my heart much bigger.

ACT 2 SCENE 2: I just woke up from a quick nap, thanks to pops who walked in on me. He probably remembered i was working night shift and i was still in the house. I ate the breakfast Milk made me while her pops entertained me with old time stories. His memory is good for his age. I made some Mac and Cheese for my lunch later and was getting ready to shower and say goodbye to my second home.

ACT 2 SCENE 1: It’s 4:30 am and it’s time to wake up and stretch those muscles.Milk works the morning shift which starts at 7 am and has to get ready. We were both tired and ran out of steam last night so to speak. It felt good waking up to her pretty face, first thing in the morning. Even if she thought she looked a mess , i could still see the beauty by tracing the freckles on her face.She got ready for work in quick time and left at 6 am sharp. She gave me a kiss and left me wanting more of her love…

To be continued…

Written by: Coffee

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      thanks much appreciated..you’ve been very supportive


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