What makes one attractive?

Hey loves,Milk here!! 🙂

Welcome to all new followers,thanks for choosing to follow,like and comment on our love journey blog.Hope this post meets you in love,peace and health and if not Coffee and I are sending you tons of it.

In our last post Coffee spoke about attraction and the various “ingredients” that brought us together,well in my perspective it was one word that made us connect and become an item and that word is Magic. The stars were aligned just right,the moon was up and my crystals were charged lol,but honestly prayer goes a long way.

But in this post I would like to expound on what made Coffee stand out among other suitors. Besides setting my intention and forgetting about it Coffee was always this good looking guy in my eyes.He had this muscular build,about my height,sexy eyes,he dressed well and he had a firm ass.

He was also quiet,to himself but also friendly and let’s not forget a virgin he seemed to be a good guy among the grapevine but seemed too good to many.

But that just sparked my interest in him some more,like all of a sudden he seemed more interesting.I always saw Coffee at work before at our previous work location but he always seemed too quiet and I always was in my on and off relationship so I never initiated any convos.

This time I was single and ready to mingle,so the attraction was mutual lucky me and in getting to know each other we realized we had lots in common especially the fact we were both writers just lured me in. Honestly the more I get to know Coffee the more I realize what real love is all about and it’s like I’m experiencing this thing for the first time. My efforts are matched and sometimes exceeded and he just keeps showing up over and over and I keep pinching myself,wondering if this is my reality. From coming from a toxic relationship and getting into a healthy one is truly breath taking and a blessing. So the main attraction is his authenticity and how he’s all in.

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