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Hey loves,:)

Milk here and I’m sending you tons of love and I’m hoping this post meets you in good health.It has been rather crazy lately right? with this Covid-19 going off got everyone freaking out and acting up. I would really like to know how you guys are doing? What part of the world you’re in and if you are quarantined,how has it been?

Coffee and I live in Dominica,which is located in the Caribbean and we are OK,we’re still going to work for there has been no outbreaks here(Thank God).

Nonetheless our thoughts are with you, especially those which are affected by this disease someway or the other.

Being quarantined can get boring but you can also get creative with this gift of writing and use this period to get some great post going.

I encourage you to keep up the good spirits,stay positive and together we will make it through this.

P.S this could be the time to work on that novel you have putting off

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  1. USA. I’m not allowed to leave my house for nonessential reasons, schools are closed, and restaurants are only serving take-out food. (The level of the restrictions vary by city and state.) I still have no guidance from my work about how to do my job in this situation; that’s hopefully coming in the next few days.

    What scares me the most, and very few people are talking about this, is the implications for freedom and civil liberties and things like that. There is a perceived threat, and all of a sudden people are welcoming the government restricting where they can go, what activities they can do, and who they can be with. Yes, in this case the threat is very real, but what is to stop a corrupt government (like the one running my state) from manipulating people into thinking there is a threat and convincing them to hand over more power? It’s exactly what Palpatine did in Star Wars Episode II to become the Emperor and kill all the Jedi.

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    1. milkencoffee says:

      Hey there i totally understand your point. This outbreak allowed many of us to see the faults in our way of life. We see that mankind is responsible for their own downfall

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      1. That’s one way to put it…

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    2. milkencoffee says:

      The virus seems to be circulating around the US so be careful and stay quarantined for now. Only follow credible news and be patient and positive for now.

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