Moving forward with 2020.

Greetings fans around the globe it’s Coffee here. Hope this posts meets you in good health and spirit . I know it’s been a while but as you know it’s a challenging year for everyone and Milk and I have been busy sorting out certain aspects of our lives.

If you’re new to our relationship blog welcome 😃, we go by the nicknames Milk and Coffee and feel free to read and enjoy our posts from the beginning.

As you read from our previous posts, we celebrated my birthday in grand style and our one year anniversary as well. We’re so happy we’ve made it thus far and still growing as a couple. So what have we been up to lately?

Well firstly for the last 6 months Milk has been studying for a Sales and Marketing exam. Yes that’s right she took on the course at a local Institution In January 2020. Her exam was supposed to be in may but got delayed several times mainly due to the pandemic. She studied hard over and over and it consumed most of her leisure time. So that’s the main reason she hasn’t been active on the blog lately. I was really proud of her for taking on the course and seeking to better herself. She finally did the exam two weeks ago and is confident about it. During the pandemic we’ve been working from home and occasionally visit each other or meet up in town.

Additionally in recent time both of our focus shifted to videography and I’ve been editing videos for Milk as well. So right now we’re trying to balance what we do. In the midst of a chaotic year we still find love , peace and new hobbies to uplift the spirit.

So what’s next for Milk and Coffee? Well Milk’s birthday is October 4th and it’s up to me to make it special 🙂☺️. I’m excited and already got a plan for the day and a couple gifts for her as well. She treated me good for my birthday and now it’s time to return the love. Let the countdown begin!!!!

Written by: Coffee ☕

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