2 years

Greetings to all our fans and awesome bloggers out there, Coffee here. Hope everyone is keeping safe. So Milk and i just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and it was just incredible. On August 13th we booked a room for a night at one of the best hotels on Island, the Fort-young Hotel.

It was our third time booking a one night staycation there and second time this year. We were both super excited . It was kind of uncertain that we would get the room because Covid cases rose again in our country and curfews had to be placed. By God’s grace our reservations went through.

We both arrived on time and checked in to room 308. This hotel was like our go to third home. Room 308 wasn’t as spectacular like the previous ones but it was still very unique with pretty wall paintings, a big comfy bed and a huge balcony with a view of the pool below. With all that’s going on in the world it was satisfying to be in that in comfort zone with your girlfriend.

Our bags were both over packed. Before i checked in i bought some KFC for our supper. In addition we had cake, champagne, orange juice and bananas. Everything was planned in typical Milk and Coffee fashion. After a couple hours of chilling, observing and resting it was time to tackle the pool. The water was warm and at times the rain really poured down us, admiring our goofy moments. As time went by we ate our cake , sipped champagne and took pics. Night time quickly came and we were accompanied by familiar faces. We realized our time in the pool was up and we left it for another couple to enjoy.

We returned to our precious room 308, showered , ate some KFC and chilled on our big comfy bed. We watched an episode of Grown-ish but fought a battle with sleep to watch A quiet place 2. When you ‘re laying on that magical bed you can’t help but fall asleep. The town was quiet, rain was in the air and Milk and Coffee fast asleep. Morning soon came and milk surprised me with a brand new perfume and special poem dedicated to our 2 years. In return i brought her on the balcony and recited my poem which she equally loved.

We went for breakfast about 8:30 am. After waiting a while we got served with the best breakfast you could ask for. I felt full before i took a bite out of anything. We had chocolate tea, scrambled eggs, toast bread, yogurt, sliced fruits, sausages and cupcakes. As always great customer service from a top Hotel. I could barely walk back to the room. With 2 hours remaining till check out we decided to chill and watch a movie. Good things come to an end but we will surely cherish chapter 3 of this staycation trilogy.

We showered and quickly packed our stuff as a heavy shower of rain came to say a last goodbye. It was time to head back to reality as we sheltered the rain. So 2 years completed and many more to come from Milk and Coffee.

I will share the poems with y’all next post. For now stay safe and blessed. Thanks to our dedicated fans as always and if you’re new welcome and make sure to read our previous posts.

Written by: Coffee


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