Coffee’s Birthday

Hey loves!

How are y’all doing? Milk here, Hope you guys are doing great and that this post meets you in good spirits.

Guess whose birthday it is?? Can you believe my man is getting 26 years,I mean waw . Well he’s birthday is actually on the 22,but being the over enthusiastic girlfriend I decided to celebrate him days prior.

So we went on this mini baecation the Friday night to this nice hotel in town. I was in full super girlfriend mode whole week,organizing setting up the room .Getting decorations,buying champagne,placing birthday cake and food orders ,doing the full work.

Coffee had no clue what I had planned except that he knew we were going to have fun. So his birthday is my birthday,so I got my hair braided,waxed my eye brows and did my own nails and looked hotter than a black cup of coffee lol.

The day we had been raving about finally came and check in was at 3pm,Coffee took the day off,me on the other hand had to leave work an hour earlier. We rushed to get to the check in as we both were running late. I got there about 4 mins after and was told that I was right on time. After I signed I rested my bags down and went to buy some water and other last minute things. Coffee called and told me he was still behind. On my way back to the hotel I met him by the reception area. We were given our room keys and a security guard lead us to our room,room 211.

On entering Coffee walked into birthday decorations and champagne on ice. I screamed surprise and he was full of glee as he wasn’t expecting that. Coffee had to step out to get some more things ,and I took the opportunity to put together one more surprise. I run a hot bath,placed rose petals on the bed .doorway and placed the cake on the counter.I also put some love music to play and awaited his return.

Coffee came back and was blown away again,we sat out on the porch enjoying the scenery. Coffee couldn’t believe how I had put everything together and was enjoying himself so far. I had to pick up food at this new spot that coffee and I said we would have tried out,but I wanted to surprise him.

So I told him we were going to collect some smoothie at 6;30,so we played music,danced and enjoyed the tub a little. I got dressed and we headed out,we eventually made it to the spot The Happy Place,where we got a box of goodies,including pizza,tacos,burger,fries,honey BBQ wings and a Quesadilla, If you know Coffee loves his food and he got so hyped and didn’t even know how he was going to eat all of it.

It was evening by the time we headed back,we stopped at an ice cream spot and bought ice cream and sat outside to enjoy and chill.Coffee felt full and was wondering how he was going to eat all of that,I promised I would help.

We later head back to the hotel.and Happy Hour is on,music,food and people.After we reactivated our keys at the reception we hang around a little. About 7.30 we head back to our room where we start eating and unwinding before we go to the pool. We eat as much as we can before we give up on filling full. We change into our swim suits ,hold our champagne,along with glasses and our speaker and go to the pool.

The pool is empty just like we want it,Coffee pops the champagne,we fill our glasses and toast to 26. We play our music,sip our champagne and have some fun. The moon lights up the sky a little and music and love fills the air. Passerby’s cant help but admire our moment and we’re too high on love to really care.

We head back to our room after so coming to some stomach pain.After we relaxed I felt a bit better,we laid on the bed that felt like clouds next to my lover was the best feeling.

The next day we rose to each other and the sound of the Ocean coming from our porch. I made us some coffee and served us croissants et au pains du chocalat while we watched music videos on YouTube.

We headed to breakfast about 10 and I upgraded my breakfast to the Dominican breakfast while Coffee had the Continental ,He had a bowl of fruits,assorted pastries with tea of choice, I had bakes and salt fish,a bowl of fruits and tea of choice. We enjoyed breakfast with great ambience,great view and awesome hospitality. It started raining again,rather heavily and Coffee craved his bed.

My stomach started hurting again and we had to leave .but breakfast was done and we enjoyed. It was minutes to 11 when we got back,which meant we had an hour before check out.We decided to lay around lazily in bed.enjoying the room one more time.

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  1. Happy birthday, Coffee!

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  2. milkencoffee says:

    thanks much!!!


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