To The River!

Greetings fans around the globe.. it’s the return of Coffee. The love Chronicles continue as we take on a challenging first year of togetherness. The world is enduring the hardest of times right now and we can only hope, pray and to do the right thing. We wish everyone the best out there.

Since the year began Milk and i wanted to spend a day at the river. It was on the list of activities we planned for 2020. With so many obstacles and tribulations surrounding us, it never happened until Saturday May 30th. That’s right last Saturday we visited a river in a nearby village. I grew up going to that river whenever i visited a friend who lives close. I haven’t been there in years and wasn’t expecting it to be the same especially after Hurricane Maria.

The decision to go was last minute and Milk’s sister came along after her plans for the day got cancelled. The three of us reached our destination later than expected because we had to purchase some groceries in town first. A bus brought us closer to the river and we walked the rest. While walking i realized the environment changed a lot and i couldn’t spot the exact location until Milk saw a track. I figured it must be it and it was.

This particular spot dried up a bit due to climate change, but you could still bathe in it. The depth of the water was ideal for us as well. We were satisfied with the atmosphere and gazed at our surroundings. I left Milk and her sister at the spot for a while. I went to visit a friend who lived in a guest house next to the river. It wouldn’t have been nice to be right next to his place and not say hello. When i got back they were waiting patiently for me so we could enjoy the river together.

It was nice to finally cool off and just relax. It was nice to forget about the pandemic and appreciate nature. The only problem we had with the river was that it was cray-fish infested and the fishes wanted to play with us. I guess they were waiting for some company. Other than that we spent a good hour enjoying our bath, meditating and being free. Great adventures lie ahead in the month of June so stay tuned as The love chronicles of Milk and Coffee continue.

Written By: Coffee

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