Coffee’s Birthday Countdown

Greetings everyone Coffee here, infinite blessings to all. So my birthday is actually two weeks from now, June 22nd to be precise. I’m super excited for it and it will be special because i will be celebrating my first birthday with Milk. A few months ago i was unsure whether or not that i would be able to go out for my birthday. Most people i know had a very quarantine birthday while the world was collapsing. In our country there are currently two cases of Covid-19 and the curfews aren’t strict like previous months when we had 16 cases.

Our precious Caribbean Country seems to be doing well against the virus and i’m very thankful for that. Like i said in previous posts some of our plans for this year couldn’t transpire but we are trying to make things work. So for my birthday we plan to visit a natural site and a hotel where my mom works. We scheduled two days off from work for that and we’re looking forward to having a good time together and making memories. It really has been a journey for me and might very well be my best birthday. I’m extremely grateful to be alive right now and to have found someone amazing. I wonder what surprises she has in store for me. She said don’t get too excited but i can’t help it. As you know cancers are emotional. I won’t let the state of the world prevent me from celebrating, i’m going to remain positive and enthusiastic. I’m hanging onto this roller coaster of a year for it has just began.

In other news i got a brand new computer which i use for blogging, gaming and video editing. In the past i used a small Lenovo laptop or my phone to blog. So right now i can blog more frequently and comfortably in my own working space. Thanks again to everyone whose been following us since last year. It has been a sensational 10 month relationship. We love y’all and take care.

Written By: Coffee


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