A day at the beach with my baby

Hey loves,

Milk here,How are you doing? Let me take this time to wish you guys Happy Holidays!! Christmas is my favorite time of year and I know the times are crazy. But I’m sending you tons of love and happy thoughts and I hope you will find a reason to celebrate this year.

So it’s been a minute huh well Coffee and I have been good just some what busy. My love has been working super hard ,doing what he gotta do, on the grind you know.

I was successful in a course I was doing so we’ve been doing our stuff in the midst of the chaos and most importantly we’ve been finding time for each other.

Last Saturday we decided to go to the beach because we’ve been working from home and just needed some time to relax and some Vitamin D. Coffee spent the night at my place and I made cheese pizza to bring with us on the beach. Coffee was so tired that we didn’t watch any movies that night but just chilled and watched the moon’s beauty from the porch.

The next day we pack some bananas,water,juice and our pizza and head North to this lovely beach. We reach there real early because Coffee had a meeting to attend later in the afternoon. While Coffee is handling some business on the phone I walk along the shoreline collecting shells. I didn’t get any crystals though.

We get some lounge chairs and I change into my swimsuit,Coffee and I get real cozy relaxing. We shut our eyes and in that moment my worries washed away,my anxiety ceased and I was thankful. Thankful for life with my love,thankful for our health,our love and having made it this far. This was a crazy year and I couldn’t imagine facing it on my own without his support,love and friendship.

As we held hands and looked out into the calm,blue waters there was no other place I’d rather be.

We went for a swim shortly after,we took some photos and videos,laughed,played and enjoyed the salty bath of nature as it revived us.

We headed home a few hours after cleansed and rejuvenated ready to face another week.




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